New podcast to explore Glasgow’s heritage

A new podcast celebrating and exploring Glasgow’s heritage is due to be released in late October.

Tenements and tenement living is one of the topics of the podcast.

What is the podcast: ‘If Glasgow’s Walls Could Talk’ will be a new podcast from the Glasgow City Heritage Trust. It will look at the relationships, stories and memories that exist between historic buildings and Glaswegians.

Ten episodes have been created so far, but now the trust needs your help.

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How can I help: As well as looking at the history and stories behind Glasgow’s buildings, the podcast also aims to explore people’s personal experiences with those buildings.

Glaswegians are being urged to share their stories. You can find out how to do that HERE.

What are the episodes about: The episodes announced so far will look at tenements and tenement living, the legacy of slavery, mapping queer Glasgow, and community ownership and historic buildings.

Find out more: Keep up-to-date with the Glasgow City Heritage Trust HERE.