Plan to help Glasgow city centre recover revealed

A new plan featuring short and long-term actions to aid Glasgow city centre’s recovery has been revealed.

The plan sets out a recovery for the city centre.The plan sets out a recovery for the city centre.
The plan sets out a recovery for the city centre.

The new City Centre Recovery Plan covers the 2022-2024 period and sets out aims which can help the area recover from the impact of Covid-19.

What is in the recovery plan?

The two-year plan outlines the problems that led to the coronavirus pandemic having such a big impact on the city centre.

The area’s retail and hospitality sectors suffered during the lockdown as city-centre based workers stayed at home and offices closed.

The relatively sparse residential population further exacerbated this, as did the extension of the harshest public health restrictions on the city, while the Live Local messaging also encouraged people to stay and shop locally.

The plan has four main objectives:

· Maximising activity and footfall

· Maximising employment and business development opportunities

· Maintaining and enhancing the city centre so that it attracts people to work, live, visit, study and invest there

· Embed climate mitigation and adaptation from the Climate Plan at every opportunity

To deliver these objectives, a wide range of actions will be delivered - with funding currently in place for most actions either for pilot activity, full delivery, or the development of related projects.

Some of the short-term actions include continued advocacy to the Scottish and UK Governments, a vacant units plan, considering the repurposing of property, with longer-term actions such as District Regeneration Frameworks, the City Centre Living Strategy, and the design and delivery of the Avenues programme to follow.

The City Centre Recovery Plan also outlines the objectives and themes for the next two-year period. There is an immediate focus on short-term footfall-driving actions, alongside the continuing focus on longer-term strategic deliverables like the City Centre Living Strategy, and the District Regeneration Framework and Avenues programmes.

Parallel strategies including the new Economic and Transport strategies will also coming forward in early 2022. And underpinning all of this is the city’s commitment to becoming net zero carbon by 2030.

What is Glasgow City Council saying?

Councillor Angus Millar, co-chair of the City Centre Taskforce and depute city convener for inclusive economic growth, said: “Glasgow city centre’s unique position in Scotland as a metropolitan core means that the economic impacts of the pandemic have been felt particularly keenly, and we will continue our partnership approach - which has already delivered significant results - to drive the recovery of the city centre economy over the next few years.

“The City Centre Recovery Plan sets out how the public and private sector will work together to deliver a range of actions that will support a thriving, inclusive and sustainable city centre for people to live, work and spend time in.

The Glasgow City Centre Recovery Plan can be viewed on the Glasgow City Council website.

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