Plans for new Glasgow city centre sculpture approved

Plans for a new ‘Beacon of Hope’ sculpture in Glasgow, as part of the COP26 legacy, have been approved.

The 3.5 metre sculpture will be installed in the University of Strathclyde’s Rottenrow Gardens, next to Montrose Street.

The application states: “A dramatic addition to the university’s landscape, it will remind us of the fragility of both our environment and our mental health and the importance of our natural environment and community in supporting our mental well-being.

“It will serve as a beacon of hope and positivity towards reaching global environmental milestones and a reminder that we, as a society do care about each other and our planet.”

The sculpture will be made of reclaimed steel from the Glasgow Scrap Yard JR Adams and will be fabricated locally by Watson Towers and painted by Possilpark Shotblasters.