Candidate claims there have been many shortfalls in the local authority

Independent candidate, David MacDonald moved to the area in 2013 along with his wife Alice and their two girls, from a family home in Glasgow. He longed to move out of the congested city and raise his family in an area more conducive to doing just that. He now lives in a conservation area in Busby and says he loves his new found sense of community.
David MacDonald is standing as an independent candidate in next months election.David MacDonald is standing as an independent candidate in next months election.
David MacDonald is standing as an independent candidate in next months election.

He said: “Our street is tended to as part of a resident’s association, of which I am a member, and all the neighbours not only know each other, but devote their free time to making sure the area is well looked after.

“We are one of the lucky families. For many people living in East Renfrewshire things are not as good. There have been many shortfalls in what is expected from a local authority in order to keep the area looking it’s best and working for the best interests of it’s residents. There are a lot of local issues that really bother people and I decided to stand as a council candidate to become part of a solution to these issues.

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“Local government is about just that. Local issues. Listening to people’s concerns and voicing them. It’s imperative we elect people who are focussed on local issues. I have made it clear when out campaigning that I am only focussed on the issues that matter to people locally. Litter, dog fouling, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, the poor quality of our roads, the lack of adequate parking in the Clarkston shopping area, securing the future of Bonnyton House, much better public transportation links throughout the ward and to the Eastwood Health Centre, a new leisure centre, the complete upgrade of shopping precinct areas in both Busby and Clarkston, attracting new business to the area with incentives and protecting our greenbelt land.”

Davids background is in business within in the restaurant industry. In 2003 he founded the TriBeCa restaurant brand. The business now operates four restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Giffnock. In 2013 he sold the business to invest his time and energy creating something new and he and his wife now run a Home Removals business based in East Renfrewshire.

David commented: “I know how hard it can be to start a business from scratch and I want to be able to encourage young entrepreneurs to the area and to offer them support in those crucial first three years of business. We need more small start up local businesses to invest in this area. My focus would be to improve Clarkston and Busby as they have been neglected for so long and it shows.

“I also want ward 4 to become a destination for larger outdoor events that can generate business and stimulate the local economy. Last year the Business Improvement District of Giffnock hosted the Giffnock Village Car Show and it was a great success. There is no reason we cannot do the same in ward 4. Food and drink events, car shows, art and craft fairs, farmers markets and fairs. There is no reason we cannot try to make this happen.

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“I have no interest in any “national” politics being played at local government level. All I hear from two of the national parties locally is talk about referendums. That has nothing to do with local governance. Nothing. In my view, it’s a classic diversion technique designed to try to turn the electors heads away momentarily from what needs done locally hoping that the national topics like Independence or being part of the Union will carry them to being elected. Don’t get me wrong. These subjects have their forum at Holyrood and Westminster elections but Council elections are about electing people that are going to make a difference to people’s lives implementing local changes to the way council serves them with frontline services.

“For far too long, in my view, councillors have served the interests of the council rather than the electors who have put them in a job.

“On top of that, national level politics continues to flow down into the council and elected members fail their electors by failing to cooperate with one another as their party lines keep them so divided. After an election is over and the dust settles, my hope is that if I am elected I can encourage my fellow councillors to roll up their sleeves and consider themselves to be East Renfrewshire Councillors rather than political party members and to start to work hard together to create a council that serves the people of East Renfrewshire much better.

“It’s time for a more inclusive type of politics at the council. I hope to be the person elected from Ward 4 that can encourage that type of cross party cooperation that East Renfrewshire has been sorely lacking for so long. I want to create change and would encourage anybody else to do the same and to get involved in their community. Pride in your community and getting involved in trying to make your area better is so important and so valuable.”

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For more information about David, or if you want to reach him to discuss his pledges, he can be contacted via email on:[email protected] or via his facebook page at: