Pre-loved school uniforms Glasgow: What uniform items are available, location and how to donate

The Southside organisation helps families in need to ensure children and young people have access school uniform, shoes and jackets regardless of any financial situation.

Glasgow’s Pre-Loved Uniforms encourages the re-use of good quality clothing. This not only helps protect the environment, but ensures families in need across the city have access to uniform items that they require.

Donna Henderson, Founder at Glasgow’s Pre-Loved Uniforms, said: “We provide rails of uniform in up to 30 schools, mostly across the North. There is a donation bin in each, and pre-covid, parents could come in at anytime and take away anything they needed or hand in stuff to donate.

“Once we collect the donated items, we get them laundered and checked for quality to see if any shirts or jumpers have marks or stains. It’s the same with trousers, incase they are ripped.

“If we are able to mend the uniforms, we do. For the items that are damaged, we turn them into cushions, teddies. We put the school logo on them to help raise funds, it helps us to keep going.

Earlier this year, many Ukrainian citizens fled their homes due to the Russian invasion. Since then, Scotland has welcomed refugees in to the country.

Donna said she’s helping around 20 families from Ukraine gather uniforms ahead of school starting in Glasgow this year.

She said: ”We had some families who took in Ukrainian refugees to see if we could help them with uniform packs from the beginning of May until the end of June.

”During the summer, we have had a couple of nurseries who have had Ukrainian children and a few of their parents said they were not to sure how they go about getting uniform for their kids.”

Where is Glasgow’s Pre-Loved Uniforms located?

They’re based at 249 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 1HJ.