Sheena’s joyover familyheirloom

A LOYAL reader has been reunited with a possession from her family’s past – thanks to the News and Chronicle.

Sheena Murray was stunned when she picked up her weekly edition of the paper back in December – only to read a story about one of her relatives.

An American man called Tobias Brown had contacted the News and Chronicle and asked for us to help him trace the relatives of a Kilsyth soldier so he could give back a money clip which he had found whilst researching World War II.

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Tobias had discovered that the clip belonged to James Forsyth Stark, who was serving with the 11th (1st Bn, The Queen’s Westminster’s), King’s Royal Rifle Corp.

The soldier died on March 1, 1946, aged 31, and is buried in the Phaleron War Cemetery in Athens, Greece.

Through his research, Tobias also discovered that James was the son of Alexander and Agnes Forsyth Stark, who both lived in Kilsyth.

This information rung true with Sheena and she immediately connected the dots, and realised that the soldier was in fact the youngest brother of her dad, Jimmy Forsyth Stark.

For full story, see this week’s Cumbernauld News or Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, February 20.