SNP electoral landslide hits East Dunbartonshire as Swinson is defeated

John NicolsonJohn Nicolson
John Nicolson
East Dunbartonshire has a new MP, after the SNP’s John Nicolson was victorious over the Lib Dems’ Jo Swinson in the General Election.

Mr Nicolson polled over 2,000 votes more than Ms Swinson - who has been the MP since 2005.

The full results declared at Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome were: Wilfred Arasaratnum (UKIP) 567; Ross Greer (Green) 804; Amanjit Jhund (Labour) 6754; John Nicolson (SNP) 22,093; Andrew Polson (Conservative) 4727; Jo Swinson (Lib Dem) 19,926.

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A tearful Jo Swinson thanked all those who had voted for her, particularly those who had not voted for her before, and congratulated her opponent.

She said: “It is not our night tonight and it is a disappointment.

“I knew after we went into government that it might make it impossible to win my seat again, but I still believe we made the right decision.”

Mr Nicolson, a former journalist, said that he was “delighted” with the result, adding: “I’m looking forward to serving the constituents and working for both those who voted yes and no in the referendum.

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“I think the most important aim I have will be bringing people together.”

He joked that the SNP may have to hire a train to take all their MPs down to London, and said he was looking forward to meeting his new colleagues.

He explained: “I don’t actually know the vast majority of the SNP’s MPs, although I know Alex Salmond from having interviewed him a number of times.”

And as for his immediate plans? He told the Herald: “I thought I might take my long-suffering campaign team out for a couple of lager shandies.”