Tradeston Bridge installed with LED lighting as part of regeneration project

LED lights have been installed in the famous Glasgow bridge to enhance the Clyde and Tradeston area.

The regeneration of the Tradeston Bridge  has been funded as part of Glasgow City Council’s £115m investment and the ‘Clyde Waterfront and West End Innovation Quarter’ programme. The enhanced lighting has been added to the famous bridge, in hopes to attract more jobs, tourists and help boost the city’s regional economic growth. 

For the regeneration projects at Tradeston and Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow city council chose Signify (Formerly Philips Lighting) as the lighting solutions provider.

CEO of Signify Stephan Rouatt, said: “The newly illuminated bridge will help with the regeneration of the Tradeston area, which will encourage footfall, making it more attractive, bringing in more tourists and locals to the area, and hopefully, boosting the local economy.”

He added: “ You can install a lot of different LED light scenes to the area, and tie it with different events like fireworks.”

Tradeston Bridge illuminated by LED lighting Tradeston Bridge illuminated by LED lighting
Tradeston Bridge illuminated by LED lighting

When it comes to the benefits of LED lights, Rouatt said: “You are talking about a 50 to 80 per cent reduction in electricity usage from a sustainability standpoint, as this becomes a core for more carbon neutral usage and freeing up the electricity for things such as electric cars.”

The LED lights also runs beyond the bridge, as Sauchiehall Street is lit up by connecting lighting poles which, Rouatt said, adds to a visually attractive high street.

He added: “ It’s nice for local business and you are able do a lot of fun things with it, for example colour changing for any occasion, such as New Year celebrations.

“You have light poles which have been shifted from conventional to LED lighting ,which results in reducing electricity use and is great for decarbonising infrastructure. The lighting overall, helps improve the overall ambiance.”

Projects like the regeneration of the Tradeston Bridge and Sauchiehall street in Glasgow, funded by City Deal funding and Glasgow City Council, are examples of how the city is working to make it more attractive to the many people who live or will soon be working and living there, while boosting Glasgow’s economy.

The move comes at a time when lighting in the city, especially parks, is a hot topic.

Calls for lighting in parks came to the fore during COP26 when a police diversion forced residents to walk through Kelvingrove Park at night.

The council said the issue is “complex” and there is also a “responsibility to protect and promote the city’s biodiversity”, including wildlife.

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