GlasgowWorld readers react to plans to remove the M8 in Glasgow

A petition calling for the M8 in Glasgow to be removed was always going to get people talking.

<p>Proposals would see new blocks constructed on this part of the M8.</p>

Proposals would see new blocks constructed on this part of the M8.

What are the plans: Yesterday, we wrote about about how hundreds of people had signed a petition calling on Holyrood to urge the Scottish Government to launch an independent feasibility study looking at options to reduce the impact of the M8 in Glasgow, in particular, removing the road and repurposing the land.

The section of motorway that the petition’s author, social media account ‘replacetheM8’, is between Glasgow Cathedral and the M74. The account said the land could be used for new homes, businesses, parks and much more.

We asked our readers for their thoughts on the petition.

What did our readers say: Jonathan Ross perhaps summed up people’s thoughts when he wrote: “Never heard so much nonsense in my life. So out of touch with modern life”.

Another asked whether the article was supposed to come out on April Fools.

Bryan Phillips and Alan Campbell Rogers shared the same idea, saying that Glasgow City Council would “probably turn it into a cycle path”.

Willie Jackson said he hates the stretch of road, but said there were several reasons why the idea would not work, including that the M74 would not be able to hand all the new traffic.

Where can I sign the petition: You can sign the petition on the Scottish Parliament’s petition page.