Questions over future boundaries of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone

Glasgow City Council is continuing its expansion of the low emission zone (LEZ) in a bid to improve air quality and protect public health.

Some cars could be banned from entering the city centre from 2023.

Phase one of the LEZ, which is bounded by the M8 motorway, the River Clyde and Saltmarket/Highstreet, was introduced in 2018.

It only applied to local bus service but from June 2023, phase two of the LEZ will apply to all motorists, and vehicles entering the city centre zone will be required to meet emissions standards unless exempt.

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During a full council meeting last week, Councillor Martha Wardop asked for more information on the final boundary lines for the LEZ and if they would include High Street, Saltmarket, the Cathedral Precinct, the M8 Woodside Viaduct, parts of Bridge Street and Royston Road.

Ms Wardrop was informed by councillor Anna Richardson that the preferred boundary had been developed over time but not every area mentioned would be included in the LEZ.

She said: “The preferred boundary covers the majority of the city centre air quality management area including High Street and Saltmarket but the Cathedral Precinct and the Woodside viaduct do not fall within the boundary for operational reasons.

“The parts of Bridge Street south of the river and Royston Road south east of the city centre will not be included in the LEZ either.

“Both of these areas of the city centre have recorded levels of NO2 well within the objective level for a number of years therefore there is not a strong justification for these areas to be included in the LEZ.”

The LEZ will apply to all vehicle types, except for motorbikes and mopeds, and those vehicle types or uses considered exempt in Regulations which have been set nationally.

The local authority hopes to publish the final details of the scheme, which is to be submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval, on its website by the end of November.