Defeat at Ipswich not enough to stop Tigers topping table

Glasgow Tigers fired themselves to the top of the SGB Championship despite going down to Ipswich Witches in their latest match.
Glasgow Tigers boss Stewart Dickson (pic by Ian Adam)Glasgow Tigers boss Stewart Dickson (pic by Ian Adam)
Glasgow Tigers boss Stewart Dickson (pic by Ian Adam)

The Tigers lost 48-42 in East Anglia, but took a consolation point due to the narrow margin of the defeat.

It was a last-heat 5-1 from Aaron Summers and Richie Worrall that ensured the Ashfield men headed home with something for their efforts - and it was no less than they deserved, according to manager Stewart Dickson who vowed his side would keep working to get even better.

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He said: "We had a bit of bad luck earlier in the meeting - we were on a 5-1 in heat 13 and Richie Worrall got a puncture.

"We had the choice of gates in heat 15 and we went the same again - Aaron off one and Richie off three - which we had in heat 13.

"The bottom line is that they had a guest in James Shanes who won them the match, as far as I'm concerned. Fair play to them for picking a guest to do the job."

Shanes had been called in to deputise for the injured Danyon Hume at reserve, with Justin Sedgmen also making his debut for the home team - who have improved since Glasgow's win on the same track last season.

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"We knew it would be a tall order to win there again," said Dickson.

"They're obviously stronger with Rory Schlein and Justin Sedgmen, who got stronger as the night went on.

"They're decent, and they're going to be a tough nut to crack. To lose by six and get a point is good - but at the same time, if we've got to race them over two legs, it gives us some optimism that we could take them.

"No two matches are ever the same, so it is a good point at that track."

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Ipswich join Glasgow at the summit on 17 points apiece, though the Tigers have a better points difference, with Edinburgh one behind in third.

It's a good start to the campaign for the Tigers - but all seven men have yet to click at the same time - and Dickson says he'll stick by them until they get it right.

He said: "We'll not start criticising people. We'll be working with the guys.

"Next week, Jack Smith is coming up to Ashfield and myself and Aaron will be there on track, working with him, and giving him lots of track time, because he needs that.

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"That's what we're going to do at Glasgow, keep working until we get it right with the guys that it's not really happening for.

"We know we're still not as strong as what we want to be or should be, but there's more to come from us."

Tigers scorers: Richard Lawson 12, Richie Worrall 10+1, Aaron Summers 10, Dan Bewley 5+2, Tom Perry 5+1, Jack Smith 0, Nike Lunna R/R.