Glasgow’s best pantos 2023: The best pantomimes in and around Glasgow you need to see this Christmas

Glasgow is a very theatrical city - these are the best pantomimes to catch with the kids this Christmas

Panto season is nearly upon us (oh no it’s not!) - with plenty of brand new and fresh pantomimes to take the kids to see across Glasgow this Christmas.

Whether you want to see something completely original or something brand new - Glasgow’s finest theatre writing, production, and acting companies are out in full force this Winter with some of the best pantos Glasgow has seen in years.

Featuring some of the best local actors Glasgow has to offer - from Elaine C. Smith to hometown heroes - you can catch Panto’s at the King’s, Websters, and smaller theatres across the city, as well as outside of Glasgow.

These are the best pantomimes you need to see in the Christmas 2023 season this year.

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