Glasgow Gift Guide 2023: The 8 best new albums released by Glaswegian artists & bands that make the perfect Christmas gift for the Glasgow music fan

These are the best new Glasgow albums released in the last year you need to get for Christmas

Glasgow's an incredibly musically talented city - we've produced some of the best acts to come out of Britain in generations - and the current movers and shakers on the scene are just as talented as those of yester-year.

It's been a great year for music - Glasgow has produced some incredible albums this year - and there's no better way to support your local music scene than buying their physical media this Christmas.

From Paolo Nutini coming back with a fourth studio album to Simple Minds releasing a phenomenal new live album recorded in Paisley - Glasgow albums haven't seen a year this good in a good while.

That's why you need to buy a Glasgow album for the music love in your life this Christmas - not only are you supporting your local music scene, you're sharing the gift of music itself - and is there truly any greater gift than that?