Up and coming bands of Glasgow: 22 of the best new Glaswegians bands and artists you should be listening to

Here’s 22 of the best new bands and artists coming out of Glasgow - and why you need to listen to them

We all know Glasgow’s the best city in the UK - that’s a given here on GlasgowWorld - but it’s also home to some of the best music currently being produced in the country.

For many of us, we’ve fallen out of the Glasgow music scene after the pandemic - which is a crying shame as the tunes coming out of Glasgow are some of the best the city has seen in years.

After lockdown ended, Glasgow was aflush with a tidal wave of brand new bands, and with all that time to practice during the pandemic - the calibre of the music scene in Glasgow has improved drastically.

Glasgow has produced the likes of JOESEF, AC/DC, Franz Ferdinand, Primal Scream, Simple Minds - and it seems like it’s just about time for the next great Glasgow artist to take the world stage by storm. If that line-up isn’t telling enough, regardless of the genre, Glasgow does music best.

Any one of these artists and bands have the talent, stage presence, and that formidable cool factor that it takes to be the next big thing. If you’ve not heard of these artists before - now is the time to get the earphones in and get listening (if only for the fact you can tell your pals you discovered them first).

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