The best of Greggs: All 9 bakes and savouries from Greggs ranked definitively - from Sausage Rolls to Steak Bakes

All bakes and savouries from Greggs ranked definitively from best to worst

What should I get from Greggs? This is a question I ask myself at least once a week - let me make it easier for you by ranking each and every pastry from Greggs definitively, so you need never wonder again.

Last week we got a Valentine's Day box from Greggs - and surely you're thinking that there can't be a less romantic meal than a pastry from a chain bakery - but you would be wrong. This year they've coupled up with Uber Eats to offer the romantic box for £10 which contains: Vegan & Meat Sausage Roll, Vegan & Meat Steak Bake, Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt, and a Chicken Bake.

It comes in a lovely red box that looks a bit like something Victoria's Secret would package their nighties in - so maybe give your partner a heads up so they don't get their hopes up too much - although the smell of freshly baked pastries might give it away. Anyway, this new era Greggs has entered in which it offers delivery and package deals got us thinking, what are the very best things from Greggs, and how would we rank them definitively? These are things the people need to know.

These are all the savouries and bakes from Greggs ranked definitively.

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