We asked Glaswegians: When is the right time to put up your Christmas Tree in Glasgow

Christmas Trees are tricky business - that's why we asked Glaswegians the right time to put up your Christmas Tree in Glasgow

We're a very opinionated people here in Glasgow - and we all love a nosey too - that's why it's so important for us to know the perfect time to put up your Christmas Tree.

If you try and tell us you don't look in your neighbours windows and judge the timing of the erection of the Christmas tree - you'd be lying. We all do it, even though in reality we're not all that bothered, we just can't help it.

Try and tell us you've not heard a variation of this statement year after year:'There Senga's just put her tree up and December's only just started - bit eager aren't they?'

You can't get away with anything here in Glasgow, and we wouldn't have it any other way. As important as the Christmas Tree is, standing as a symbol of tradition, unity, and festive spirit, we need to know the day on the dot to put up your Christmas Tree without judgement.

It's ironic that something meant to symbolise the essence of togetherness and joy is something so divisive. The act of adorning a tree with lights, ornaments, and cherished trinkets is meant to mark the beginning of a season filled with warmth and shared moments, instead it becomes stressful as we start to wonder what the neighbours might think of us chucking our tree up so quickly.

Determining the right time to put up a Christmas Tree often hinges on cultural customs, personal preferences and general festive enthusiasm. While traditions vary, many Glaswegians uphold the belief that the tree should grace homes at the start of the advent, signifying the start of the holiday season.

Yet, the excitement for the holidays often prompts earlier adornment, as early as November or even October in some instances.

Regardless of when you put your tree up, we all love Christmas, and as much as we enjoy slagging each other off, it's all in good fun here in Glasgow. That's why we asked Glaswegians: 'When is too early to put your Christmas Tree up?' and over 150 of our readers got in touch to share their Christmas Tree timings - here's what they had to say.