Glasgow Airport: Over two dozen flights cancelled as adverse weather delays most flights out of the airport

Glasgow Airport has seen numerous delays and cancellations due to adverse weather conditions across the UK - 24 per cent of departure flights were cancelled on Monday December 12.

Travellers commuting through Glasgow Airport in the last few days have seen over a dozen flights cancelled and many delayed by over an hour as the airlines struggle to cope with one of Scotland’s coldest winters on record.

It wasn’t just Glasgow that was affected - as most of the UK was hit by snow and a very sudden, very sharp drop in tempratures. According to the aviation analytics company, Cirium, a total of 316 flights were cancelled across Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Glasgow, Belfast International, and Bristol airports last weekend - that’s roughly 11 per cent of all scheduled flights from the UK’s biggest airports.

Glasgow airport faired better than most other airports in the UK. Edinburgh for example saw 12 cancelled departures on Sunday alone, while Glasgow had 13 cancellations on both Saturday and Sunday. Glasgow Airport saw 20 cancelled departures yesterday according to Cirium - that’s 24 per cent of departure flights on December 12.

TV News counted ten cancelled departures from Glasgow on Monday December 12, alongside cancelled 11 arrivals as of 2pm.

Things seem to have picked up today, Tuesday December 13, so far, with four flights cancelled at time of writing, 2pm December 13- two from Loganair, and two from British Airways. The cancelled Loganair flights were the 8.50am flight to Tiree, and the 10.40am flight to Sumburgh. The cancelled British Airway flights include the 5.20pm flight to London City and the 20.10pm flight to London Heathrow.

Five flights meant to arrive at Glasgow Airport have also cancelled. Including the Loganair 9.45pm flight from Campeltown, the 11.05am Loganair flight from Tiree, the 2.10pm Loganair flight from Sumburgh, the 4.45pm British Airways flight from London City, and the 7.15pm British Airways flight from London Heathrow.

The airline struggling the most with the drop in conditions seems to be Loganair, flying nationally around Scotland, the sudden drop in temprature to subzero across the highlands and islands is likely to blame - with British Airways also struggling to cope with the sudden and unexpected arrival of snow in London.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said:”Our winter operations are ongoing. The issues you’re seeing with some flights being cancelled are due to adverse weather in other parts of the UK, not here.

“We’re open and operational.”