Batgirl: Limmy and Glasgow react after reports that Warner Bros is scrapping DC film

Glaswegians have reacted angrily after reports emerged that Warner Bros would not be releasing Batgirl, which was filmed entirely in the city.

US media have reported that the film has been shelved and will not be released either in cinemas or through streaming services.

Filmed in Glasgow, Batgirl starred Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, with Brendan Fraser playing the villain, Firefly. Michael Keaton was set to return to play Batman.

Batgirl was to be the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe and was filmed entirely in Glasgow after the city council agreed to incentivise the production with a £150,000 grant.

Leslie Grace filming Batgirl in Glasgow.

Parts of Glasgow were shut down for filming, including sections of the Merchant City and the Botanic Gardens.

Comedian and Twitch streamer Limmy said: “Just found out that Warner Bros won't be releasing the Batgirl film that was filmed in Glasgow cos the film is so sh**e, and that Glasgow City Council had paid them £150,000 to film here.

“WE paid THEM?”

One person called for Glasgow to receive compensation: “If its true about #Batgirl, I think the city of Glasgow is owed some heavy compensation for the disruption the filming caused.”

Another posted: “What in the actual?! What an absolute travesty. Its bad enough filming this in Glasgow caused months of serious disruption as whole areas of the city were cordoned off for weeks at a time but the company spent $90 million making it.”

Another added: “They were shooting Batgirl in Glasgow and my main takeaway from this now is that they closed off a road I like walking down for weeks for literally no reason then.”

David Farrell posted: “Well if you saw #Batgirl being filmed in Glasgow at the start of the year that’s as close as you’ll see to the finished article by the looks of it.”

Thomas Brownlee joked: “Welcome to Glasgow - Home of the Unreleased Batgirl Film”.