Celebrities of Glasgow 2023: 20 pictures of A-listers in Glasgow this year - featuring Lizzo, Roger Waters, and more

A-list celebrities flock from Glasgow from across the world - here’s pictures our favourite 20 celeb appearances in Glasgow in 2023

2023 has been a wild year for Glasgow - with celebrities popping up in seemingly the most random districts of Glasgow.

It’s not a new phenomenon, A-list celebrities across the world seem to be drawn to our city - from Charlie Sheen hanging around Easterhouse to Christopher Walken visiting family in Glasgow - there’s a never ending stream of celebrities coming and going from the great green jewel of Scotland.

It’s not hard to see why celebs find Glasgow so much fun - we’re the cultural capital of Scotland, with so much going on each month, you’d have a hard time staying away if you were visiting Scotland on tour with your entourage.

From Lizzo heading out to Delmonicas after her Glasgow gig to Johnny Depp visiting the Banksy exhibition, here are 20 of the best Glasgow celebrity appearances in 2023.