Mansewood scaffolder becomes social media star thanks to Predator cosplay

A Mansewood scaffolder has become a social media star and become friends with actors from the Predator film series, thanks to his cosplay.

<p>Alastair and daughter Isla. </p>

Alastair and daughter Isla.

Alastair Neil (53) has shared a stage with Danny Glover, star of Predator 2, while his daughter, Isla, was given a sneak peak behind the scenes of Indiana Jones 5 after dressing up as the professor and adventurer.

Alastair gave city centre shoppers a fright last weekend when he visited comic book store Forbidden Planet while dressed as Predator for Free Comic Book Day. The video has already been seen more than 10,000 times on TikTok.

He also made the news last year after doing his Morrisons shop while dressed as the alien hunter.

Alastair has been going to comic cons for the last three decades, and has been doing cosplay for the last six years.

It has become a hobby he and his eight-year-old daughter Isla can share, after she fell in love with cosplay after going to her first comic con around five years ago.

“It’s a regular daddy-daughter thing,” Alastair said.


Neil and Isla as Henry Jones, Sr, and Indiana Jones respectively.

As well as dressing up as Indiana Jones and dad Henry, the pair have also done a Beauty and the Beast cosplay.

But Predator has been Alastair’s most talked about costume.

As he neared his 50th birthday a few years ago, his wife planned to take him to New York to celebrate. But Alastair had something else in mind - a Predator suit from Canadian company Wreav.

“I told her that if she wanted to get me something that’d I’d love, to get me the suit,” he said.


The costume has given Alastair social media fame and put him in touch with actors from the Predator film series, some of whom have made videos for him. He even escorted Danny Glover on stage for a special event.

But Alastair has also used his suit to bring joy to others, whether raising money for charity or making appearances at birthday parties. He has even been asked to show up for a proposal.

“I love the people’s reactions and the smiles you see on their faces,” he said. “A woman came up to me with her six-month-old baby for a picture. I do it for the smiles.”

And now he is set to make his own film appearance.

“I got over 10,000 views on a video on TikTok and loads of followers on Instagram,” Alastair said. “A film maker in Lincoln even paid for us to go down and put us in his movie.”

See more of Alastair’s appearances by visiting his Facebook page, HERE.