Glasgow council commits to making city great place to grow old

Glasgow City Council has reconfirmed its commitment to create an age friendly living environment while making the city a great place to grow old.

The council wants to make Glasgow an age friendly living environment.

In 2015 Glasgow became a member of the World Health Organisation’s global network of age-friendly cities and communities and has since taken forward an action plan to make sure Glasgow is an inclusive and accessible city.

Labour councillor Maggie McTernan is now asking the administration to commit to creating an Older People’s Champion and ambassadorial role, held by an elected councillor to act as a link between the council and older people in the local area.

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The issue was discussed at full council last week where it was pointed out by SNP councillor Annette Christie that such a champion is normally over 50 and that she hoped Glasgow councillors in that age group would act as a champion automatically.

She said: “When I was made aware of the older people’s champion, I met with an older people’s champion in a neighbouring local authority to discuss how this initiative and learning from peers across Scotland may further inform the work we already do in Glasgow.

“I am keen to ensure that this role isn’t just a title and that we move forward by ensuring a solid foundation of work behind us that is informed by the progress and learning from the Age Friendly Glasgow work.

“I can assure you that the administration is committed to meeting the goal of the city being a great place to grow old.”

Councillor McTernan then asked if Ms Christie agreed that the role of older people’s champion could play a really important part in signifying to the third sector that the local authority wants to build on this work that has already been done?”

Councillor Christie said: “I do agree. I know the impact of all the people across the city because of the pandemic and I do think we should all be older people’s champions.

“As for establishing an official older people’s champion, we need to continue to develop a strategic approach and long term vision to focus on priorities identified by older people – 50 years plus to ensure their views are reflected in the decision of all council policies.”