Glasgow council leader urged to write to Police Scotland and Scottish Government over anti-Irish racism

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken is being urged to write to Police Scotland and the Scottish Government asking them to tackle anti-Irish racism.

<p>The motion will be discussed on Thursday by Glasgow councillors. </p>

The motion will be discussed on Thursday by Glasgow councillors.

A motion from Councillor Ruairi Kelly, set to be discussed by Glasgow City Council on Thursday, calls on Holyrood and the police to work with the local authority to remove “outpourings of hate” from the streets of Glasgow.

It comes after a number of football fans in the city have been charged over allegedly singing a song mocking the Famine in Ireland.

Condemning discrimination, Cllr Kelly’s motion extends the council’s “full support and solidarity to the Irish community in Scotland”.

It also commends a recently unveiled Calton memorial from An Gorta Mór Committee, dedicated to people who had to emigrate during the Famine and those who died.

Councillor Kelly said: “For too long we’ve gone round in circles about what’s needed to address anti-Irish racism. Ultimately responsibility lies with those who perpetrate discriminatory behaviour. But it’s time that everyone who is affected by this behaviour and who can help end it – be that politicians, football clubs, churches, civil society and parading organisations – accept this remains a blight on Scotland and worked towards lasting solutions.”

The politician who represents the Glasgow North East ward, said: “ In just a few decades behaviour and comments associated with people of colour has changed so much for the better. We can do so with anti-Irish racism.”

West Dunbartonshire Council also recently agreed a motion to write to the Scottish Government calling for anti-Catholic and anti-Irish discrimination to be tackled.