Sir Alex fronts lung cancer campaign

EARLY detection of lung cancer can lead to extra time — that’s the message from sir Alex Ferguson.

The former football manager — originally from Govan — is fronting the Scottish government and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde campaign.

Sir Alex lost both his parents to lung cancer — his father Alexander in 1979 and his mother Elizabeth in 1986.

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However, the face of the campaign stresses that, as the disease is more treatable these days, early detection can lead to more time to spend with loved ones.

He explained: “I know the devastating impact cancer can have on families.

“But cancer’s not what it used to be and there are now treatments that can save or extend your life — so rather than doing nothing about it, I urge anyone who is worried to get checked as early as they can.”

It is the most common cancer in Scotland, with 5,000 people diagnosed each year, and over 4,000 dying because of it — a figure blamed oin late detection.

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Health secretary Alex Neil explained: “This new advert encourages people to get checked early if they have a persistent cough or any concerns.

“More lives can be saved through earlier detection. It is great to have such a recognisable face to front the campaign, and I’m sure sir Alex Ferguson’s story will help to encourage people to get themselves checked early.”

Lorraine Dallas, director of information and support for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, added: “If you are not detected early, your chances of surviving lung cancer in Scotland are, sadly, very poor.

“Sixty per cent of people are diagnosed when the disease is so advanced that there are few treatment options left available.

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“This is why the campaign is so important — because the earlier people are diagnosed, the more chance they have of surviving.”

The message is: don’t get scared, get checked, and more information is available at

You can also share your thoughts on the campaign by tweeting using the hashtag #getcheckedearly.