Glasgow enjoyed hottest summer on record, according to Met Office

Glasgow had its hottest summer since records began in 1884, according to the Met Office.

How warm was it: Scotland had its fourth hottest summer on record, with the north and west of the UK experiencing warmer and drier conditions.

A graph produced by the Met Office shows that Glasgow had a mean temperature around 1.5°c higher than that for the period between 1981-2010.

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More than average: Graphs also show that Glasgow had less rainfall and more hours of sunlight compared to the average between 1981-2010.

While that was the case across western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland, the figures for Scotland’s east coast, most of England and Wales were similar to the old averages.

What is the Met Office saying: Head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, Dr Mark McCarthy, said: “Summer 2021 will be remembered very differently depending on where you are in the UK, with record-breaking warm conditions in parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland, while in the south and east it’s been much duller and wetter.

“There have been several notable weather events through the summer, including a new temperature record for Northern Ireland and Storm Evert which brought strong winds and heavy rain across England and Wales and extreme rainfall in the south east.”

August temperatures: August was cooler than the rest of the summer months, with temperatures only slightly above the average for previous years.

Temperatures were even cooler south of the border, meaning that the 27.2°c recorded in Tyndrum was the hottest temperature recorded in the UK in August.