Met Office: Flood warnings in Glasgow and will it snow?

Any hopes for snowfall in Glasgow this week will be dashed, but temperatures are expected to plummet to chillier levels.

The Met Office are expecting temperatures to plummet to increasingly chilly levels for the remainder of the week in Glasgow - but no snow...yet.

The weather organisation has also issued a flood warning across Scotland.

It is expected to be largely dry and mild initially with highs of 8℃.

Sunny conditions are expected intermittently, but expect temperatures to become more wintery.

Today and Tonight (Wednesday 1 December)

Skies will be very clear initially, but will become slightly more cloudy heading into the nighttime.

Around the Strathclyde area, snow can be seen on hilltops and sunnier spells will be present in the afternoon.

Cold and northward winds will hit the area, but conditions will remain dry.

Temperatures around 7℃ are forecast, with freezing  temperatures late in the evening of around -4℃ expected.

Tomorrow (Thursday 2 December)

It will be a frosty and chilly start to a day that will be largely dry.

Skies will be clear but will start to cloud up by lunchtime.

Temperatures across the city will drop closer towards below zero throughout the day with lows of around 3℃ expected.

Around the Strathclyde area, rain and snowfall will gradually spread into the west of the country by the evening.

Friday 3 December

The most miserable day of the week for Glasgow.

It is set to be overcast earlier in the day (between 12am and 6am) as heavy rainfall emerges heading towards the nighttime (around 9pm).

Conditions around Strathclyde will be largely dry overall, though it will be wet and there is a chance of snowfall.

Lows of 4℃ and highs of 7℃.

Weekend (Saturday 4 December and Saturday 5 December)

Saturday will be very calm with slightly mild temperatures and sunny spells.

It will change from cloudy skies earlier in the day with sunny conditions forecast for between 12pm and 3pm.

Temperatures will be on the colder side throughout the day with highs 5℃, but they will plummet heading into nighttime with lows of 2℃.

Sunday will be a clear day with sunny spells, but temperatures will continue to remain quite chilly.

Sunshine can be expected throughout 9am to 3pm in the day.

However, as the festive season nears and wintery conditions continue, lows of 0℃ are expected from 9pm heading into the start of Monday.

Highs of only 3℃ are also forecast.

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