T in the Park 1994-2000: 17 pictures taking you back to T in the Park in the 90’s

T in the Park was a Scottish institution when it was running - we wanted to look back at those foundational years

After we all got our hopes up for a T in the Park revival this month - we thought we’d take a look back at Scotland’s original music festival - the very first days of T in the Park at Strathclyde Park in Balado.

Travel back in time with us as we look at the line-ups, crowds, and bizarre goings-on that made T in the Park the infamous festival that it was - both loved and hated in equal measure.

Many of us who had the pleasure of attending the festival will recall hazy memories of some mental weekends filled with some of the best musicians and bands of the era - the kind of stuff you just can’t find nowadays.

Take a look below to check out some pictures we gathered from T in the Park from 1994 to 2000!