‘One-of-a-kind’ gaming venue Level X opens in St Enoch Centre

The ‘one-of-a-kind’ gaming venue has opened in the St Enoch Centre this week.

The UK’s first Level X, the much-anticipated entertainment and gaming venue, opened in the St. Enoch Centre this week.

From the creators of bowling venue, Lane 7, Level X is designed to provide an ‘immersive entertainment offering for all the family.’ The arcade-esque location will feature ‘innovative gaming technology and world-leading entertainment.’

Visitors to St. Enoch Centre can take part in Big Putts, a high-tech golf game featuring a ‘smart ball’ and wrist band tech, interactive darts, and VR experiences with virtual roaming in Alt Verse, and e-sports and next-generation arcades in Level Up.

Level X’s acclaimed “Gutterball” will take centre stage. Described as ‘bowling, but not as you know it’. Gutterball includes bespoke bowling balls, lanes featuring interactive lights and graffiti art, and custom made Gutterball socks.

Level X will offer bowling, VR, golf and arcade games in the St Enoch Centre

Graeme Smith, COO of Level X, added: “Level X is about merging the games you loved as a kid with cool tech elements to elevate the experience, all under one roof.

“We’ve been all over the world looking for the latest and best games with a particular focus on tech and I’m confident that we can bring products that people in the UK have never experienced before.”

Level X is now open on the 2nd floor of St. Enoch Centre.