Mental health organisation Wave Project Scotland launch new ‘22 challenge’

Wave Project Scotland have kicked off an exciting campaign to raise money for the organisation. Will you be getting involved?

Wave Project have launched an ambitious campaign to help get people moving and raise money throughout the winter months.

Wave Project is an organisation that offers therapy to vulnerable children through surfing. They deliver life-changing therapy, helping children suffering with mental health issues - allowing them to grow in confidence, focus their energy or give them a safe space to be themselves.

The organisation has grown exponentially since the first pilot scheme was given the green light by NHS and began in 2010.

Speaking to the BBC, NHS health commissioner Joe McEvoy, has reiterated the importance of the work the Wave Project does:

“It’s a long-established body of evidence which shows that when you organise therapeutic activities around particular tasks, people benefit not just from social interaction but also build confidence.”

In the last five years, they have been focusing on creating adaptive surfing courses and opening their very own Adaptive Surfing Hub in Croyde, North Devon, with specialist equipment to deliver safe and enjoyable surf sessions for all abilities.

The organisation has its own branch located in Belhaven, East Lothian, and is run by local Alison Young. The courses take place in Dunbar and the team recently launched in St. Andrews.

What is the 22 challenge? Wave Project Scotland recently announced an ‘ambitious’ challenge in a statement across their social media channels: “Keep the winter blues away by doing the 22 challenge.”

The challenge is open to anyone, and it is very much something you can apply to your own lifestyle: “We are asking people to challenge themselves to 22 different things e.g. 22 cold water dips, 22 surfs/SUPs,”

However, if the winter sea isn’t quite up your street they give plenty of fun ideas on how you can help and get involved with the fundraising. saying: “having 22 people to a coffee morning, walking 22 miles of coast path. We’d love to see your ideas.”

The goal is to ultimately raise £22,000 for the organisation. Donations can be made here.

GlasgowWorld spoke exclusively with Ruairidh Farquharson who came up with the challenge, and works with Wave Project Scotland, he said: “The challenge came about due to our amazing volunteers wanting to get involved with fundraising”

“We wanted to encourage more people to get involved, and help us out.”

Farquharson went on to elaborate on the importance of the work they do with young people across the country, acknowledging that while the goal is big it’s necessary: “it’s a big goal, but there is a crisis in mental health services for young people, and we have a seen a huge rise in demand of our services,” he said.

Studies have shown that surfing can offer a huge relief and help those suffering with mental health issues massively.

Personally speaking, as someone who has benefited from surfing hugely as a child, and seen first hand the difference it makes while working as a volunteer, this organisation really is changing the lives of young kids across the nation.

Those who wish to get involved can do so by organising a fundraiser, and joining their team on the just giving page here.

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