N&C third degree

In the spotlight this week is Stuart Ward of Cumbernauld

1. You’re an experienced stylist who owns Scragg Hair in Cumbernauld Village. What’s the best thing about being in hairdressing?

Making people feel better about themselves.

2. If you had your pick with the scissors, whose hair would you most like to style?

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It’s got to be Donald Trump. His hair is terrible - it looks like shredded wheat!

3. What career path would you have taken had you not been in your current line of work?

I have plenty of tattoos of my own so I think I would like to have been a tattooist.

4. What is your favourite film?

The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis.

5. Tell us something unexpected about yourself that would surprise our readers.

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In addition to being a hairdresser, I’m actually a British and Scottish medallist in Judo.

6. If money was no object which part of the world would you most like to jet off to?

I’d go to Japan - do judo and eat sushi!

7. Who makes you laugh?

It’s got to be Tommy Cooper.

8. What song sums up your life?

Back to the 80s here. Talk Talk Life’s What You Make It.

9. Would you rather look overdressed or underdressed?

I always look underdressed!

10. What motto do you life your life by?

That’s simple. Don’t panic!