The 11 best and worst train routes in Glasgow: Ranked definitively by Glaswegians

These are the best and worst train routes in Glasgow, as ranked definitively by Glaswegians

This week we asked GlasgowWorld audience for the best and worst train routes of Glasgow - and you delivered.

Readers got in touch to share your thoughts on train routes in and around Glasgow - and as to be expected, the current state of Scotrail.

Whether you’re getting the messy last train home from the city centre at the weekened or whizzing by the stunning landscapes on a day trip along the West Highland Railway on a day trip - we wanted to definitively rank the train routes into two categories, best and worst - and in some cases, somewhere in between.

The experience on a Glasgow train is very personal and subjective, you may love the last train from Central because of all the new pals you can make and the songs you’ll inevitably sing, but the sober person forced to sit across from you on the packed train? They’ll have a very different story.

Disagree with the ranking of your favourite (or least favourite) train route? Let us know in the comments!

Please mind the gap as you embark onto the picture gallery below, showcasing the best and worst train routes of Glasgow!