Jack and Victor whisky: where to buy the blended Scotch, price and gift pack information

The Craiglang duo released their blended whisky earlier this year.

What’s happening? The Jack and Victor blended whisky, which was launched in May, was a sell out success. Now the pair are back with a gift set, just in time for Christmas shopping.

To promote it, giant bottles of whisky were projected onto some of Glasgow’s well-known landmarks, including the Collina Street tower in Maryhill, the building which is best known to fans of Still Game as Osprey Heights, the home of Jack and Victor.

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The stunt by Jack and Victor Whisky shone images of the pair’s limited edition gift pack onto the ‘People Make Glasgow’ building, the People’s Palace, and around the Barras.

The giant projections come just days after Jack and Victor returned to TV screens for the first time in three years, as an advert for the whisky premiered on Wednesday (16 November).

What’s in the gift pack? The limited-edition gift pack of the blended Scotch comes with two 20cl bottles, one short and round labelled ‘Jack’, and the other taller and slender labelled ‘Victor’, mimicking the pairs on screen image.

Where to buy Jack and Victor whisky: Fans of the show can pick up the gift pack now at the Jack and Victor website

How much is Jack and Victor whisky? The gift pack is £29.99 and a 70cl bottle is £35.

Tasting notes: The whisky has notes of honeyed orchard fruits and sweet malted barley with a delicate peat smokiness, fresh vanilla and oak.

Ford Kiernan, co-creator of Still Game and played Jack Jarvis Esq, said: “We did say to keep your eyes peeled for what we had planned with Jack and Victor Whisky this week! I bet the boys would have loved seeing their names up in lights.”

Greg Hemphill, co-creator of Still Game and played Victor McDade, added: “We knew this would be good fun projecting images across the city, and there was no doubt in our minds that we had to take Jack and Victor home to Osprey Heights as one of the landmarks. Mind you, thank god Isa’s no longer there or we’d have been stuck there all night with her gabbin’ away.”