Are dogs allowed at polling stations in Glasgow? Rules on taking a pet to Local Elections 2022 vote explained

Polls are now open for the local council elections in Glasgow.

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The Scottish local council elections are here. Today Glaswegians will take to the polling stations to cast their vote for who they want to represent their council wards.

The local council elections are different to the general elections, and in them you will vote for people representing your ward rather than your constituency.

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All the same, the councillors will still be representing a party so it is important to make sure you vote for who you believe best represents your values.

Today 85 seats across the 23 wards of Glasgow will be contested.

The current Glasgow council is led by an SNP administration, and has been since 2017 when they were elected with 39 of the 85 seats available.

So, are you allowed to bring your dog to the polling station?

Here’s everything you need to know about polling stations rules.

When are the local council elections?

The local council elections will take place on Today (Thursday 5 May) region wide.

Are you allowed to take dogs to polling stations?

Yes, you can bring your dogs to polling stations. However, it’s important that dogs must be kept under control and not disrupt the voting process.

In some instances it’s actually encouraged to bring your four legged friends to the polling station with you.

So much so that it has been a popular social media trend to take your four legged friend along to polling stations and post a picture of them.

It’s a great way to get the whole family involved in the festivities of voting day.

What time do polling stations open?

Polling stations across Glasgow will be open from 7am, and will close at 10pm.

You do not have a specific time in which you must turn up. As long as you are registered you can go and cast your vote at any point within the given timeframe.

Do I need my ID to vote?

No, you do not need to bring your ID with you in order to vote.

If someone asks for ID and tries to stop you from voting then you should immediately report this.

What rules must I follow at the polling stations?

You are advised not to take selfies when at the polling station.

You are not permitted to take a picture of your ballot.

Political clothing is allowed, however, you are not permitted to discuss your voting intention with others inside the polling station.

Campaigning outside of the polling station is not permitted.

You can also go to vote with your friends but they are not allowed in the voting booth with you.

You do not need to bring your polling card with you to cast your vote. However, if your polling station is busy, having your card may help you get through the process quicker.

You can read about how to locate your specific polling station on GlasgowWorld as well as everything you need to know before going to cast your vote.

Can my dog vote?

While the world would probably be better off if our four legged friends could vote, unfortunately they cannot vote in this year’s Glasgow local elections.

How do the Scottish local elections work?

Scottish council elections differ from Scottish Parliament elections as they use a different electoral system and concern local governments.

There are 32 councils or local authorities throughout Scotland and each council is split into smaller areas, named wards.

There are three or four elected councillors per ward, these are voted in by the citizens.

The electoral system used is the Single Transferable Vote, which requires voters to rank their candidates in order of preference, with one being the highest.