Where is my polling station? Where to vote in Glasgow local elections 2022 - and opening and closing times

It’s time for you and everyone else living in Glasgow to have their say and cast their vote.

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On 5 May, the people of Glasgow will take to their local polling stations to vote over 85 councillors into office.

The Glasgow City Council is currently led by an SNP administration in which Susan Aitken is the head.

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SNP has been in power since 2017 when they were elected with 39 of the 85 seats available.

This was the first time that Glasgow City Council was not led by a Labour administration since 1974.

Where do I find my polling station ?

Each person that has registered to vote will receive a polling card before 5 May. This will be sent directly to your home, and will hold the polling station information specific to your area.

If you are unsure as to where your nearest polling station will be, and would like to know ahead of time then you can go on the Glasgow City Council website where there is a polling station finder.

To use the polling station finder all you need to do is type your postcode in and the correct polling station information will come up.

If you have moved and not updated your home address then this polling station may not be correct.

What are the polling station opening times?

Polls across Glasgow City will be open on election day from 7am to 10pm.

Votes will be counted the next day, and the results are expected to be revealed at 4:30pm.

What do I do at the polling stations?

You do not need to bring your polling card when you vote, but it can help speed up the process when you are there.

You can contact your local registration office if you have not received your ballot.

Do not take a picture of your ballot paper, as you can get a fine.

What if I can’t get to my polling station?

If you cannot make it to your polling station on 5 May, then you can vote by post or by proxy. 

To vote by post you had to apply to do so before 5pm on 19 April. Following this you should receive a postal pack with all the relevant information on how to cast your vote.

Voting by proxy means that you ask a trusted person to vote on your behalf if you are able to vote in person on polling day. 

If you cannot make it to the polling station at the last minute, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote, and you have until 5pm on polling day to do this.

To find out more about alternative voting options visit the GlasgowWorld how to vote article

How do the Scottish council elections work?

Scottish council elections differ from Scottish Parliament elections as they use a different electoral system and concern local governments.

There are 32 councils or local authorities throughout Scotland and each council is split into smaller areas, named wards.

There are three or four elected councillors per ward, these are voted in by the citizens.

The electoral system used is the Single Transferable Vote, which requires voters to rank their candidates in order of preference, with one being the highest.