Eurovision 2023: Glasgow reacts to being named as UK host city finalist

People of Glasgow (and beyond) didn’t take long to give their opinions on being announced as a Eurovision host city finalist.

Glaswegians have lit up social media with their thoughts on Glasgow as the host city for Eurovision 2023 - following the announcement by the BBC this afternoon that the city is in the final two, alongside Liverpool.

Following the 2022 contest, in which Ukraine won, the European Broadcast Union announced that it would be unable to safely host the event in Ukraine, due to the ongoing war, and that it would engage the BBC in discussions about hosting the event in the UK instead, the runner-up in this years competition.

The Scottish Greens got in touch with GlasgowWorld to share their opinion on the announcement, as Ross Greer MSP said: “Glasgow would be the perfect location for Eurovision. It is a welcoming, hospitable and diverse city that knows how to throw a party.

“Whether it’s COP26, the Commonwealth Games or the European Athletics Championships, Glasgow’s ability to host major events and put on a great welcome has been proven beyond a doubt.

“Liverpool is a great city in its own right, and personally my favourite city outside of Scotland, but Eurovision fans are already familiar with the Hydro from its ‘hosting’ of the grand final in last year’s Netflix Eurovision movie. So why not bring the movie to life? It would be an unforgettable event for Glasgow and knowing many Eurovision fans across Europe, I’ve no doubt that they would be excited to come here for the party.”

Glasgow is now one of two cities in the running to host the Eurovision Song Contest.

Glasgow remains the clear favourite for bookmakers across the UK - with Glasgow now pegged at 61 per cent chance of being the host city, with odds at 3/10 in SMarkets and Betfair, 1/2 at William Hill, and 4/7 at Ladbrokes.

One Eurovision fan hopes the event will take place in Liverpool, writing on Twitter: “LIVERPOOL . Glasgow won’t have spaces for people to stay ...I have struggled so much to get any accommodation for International students who have already paid their tuition fee! And we’re asked to attend the university next year! Definitely Liverpool.”

Another fan disagreed, writing:”Glasgow has lots and lots of hotels. There are also three universities with a large proportion of foreign students which is why demand for student accommodation is high. Students don’t stay in hotels. The event campus hosted COP26 so I’m sure the city can cope.”

A local fan who can be both sides of the argument wrote:”As a Weegie who’s just returned from a weekend away in Liverpool I can safely say these are the best two cities in the UK to be shortlisted for hosting. Atmosphere of both cities is electric and a perfect fit for Eurovision. Selfishly though, I’d love to see Glasgow host.”

This Friday staff at the OVO Hydro will welcome Eurovision officials for a site visit before the final decision is made in the next few weeks. STV reported that hotel bookings have spiked massively in Glasgow following the announcement this afternoon.

One English Twitter user wrote:”Liverpool 100%. Why should Scotland host a competition the UK partake in when they don’t want to be part of the UK.” A Glaswegian swiftly responded:”Because Scotland know how to throw a bigger and better party than England.”

Another Eurovision fan wrote:”Glasgow or nothing for Eurovision thanks x”