Martin Compston brands Government mini-budget an ‘absolute disgrace’

The Line of Duty actor said he’d be happy paying 46% in tax if it meant supporting those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis

Martin Compston has hit out at the UK Government on Twitter following the announcement of this morning’s mini-budget.

The Greenock actor voiced his disapproval for the Government budget, which critics of the Conservative party have said is more in favour of giving breaks to the richest in society rather than the poorest.

Caps on bankers bonuses and corporation tax on big business profit was capped - as well as huge tax cuts across the board including a significant slash to national insurance.

Martin Compston is 66/1 to go from collaring bent coppers in Line of Duty to tracking down double agents and supervillains as the world's most famous spy.

Of particular interest to the Line of Duty star was the announcement of the Government scrapping 45p additional rate of income tax, paid by the richest 629000 people in the country who earn more than £150k a year.

Martin Compston received nearly 4000 likes and nearly 400 retweets on Twitter for writing about the tax break, he wrote:”Absolute disgrace during a cost of living crisis.


“Those who earn more should be paying more in periods like this.

“I don’t want to pay more tax same as everybody else but when people are literally struggling to keep their lights on more than happy to be paying 46% here in Scotland.”