Airbnb offers Glaswegians £100 bonus to host during COP26

Airbnb is offering people in Glasgow and surrounding areas an incentive to host, following concerns over a shortage of accommodation during COP26 in Glasgow.

What’s happening: Around 30,000 government representatives, media and campaigners from around the world are expected to attend the landmark climate conference next month, creating pressure on local accommodation providers.

To help local families, businesses and communities economically benefit from this important event, Airbnb is offering a £100 travel coupon to anybody that hosts their first Airbnb guest in Glasgow during the COP26 dates (November 1-12).

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How do I apply: Hosts can opt into this offer and list their space by heading to

Donating: Airbnb has also committed to donating all of its revenue from service fees for stays taking place in Glasgow during the time of the conference to Zero Waste Scotland, a not-for-profit environmental organisation focused on the circular economy, leading Scotland to use products and resources responsibly and tackle climate change.

What is Airbnb saying: Amanda Cupples, general manager for northern Europe at Airbnb, said, “Airbnb offers a unique opportunity for communities in and around Glasgow to be a part of history during the landmark COP26 conference. Homesharing helps cities use existing space to scale up their capacity and welcome major events. It also empowers locals to provide sustainable and affordable accommodation across the city, benefitting the local economy.”

What is Zero Waste Scotland saying: Iain Gulland, chief executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said, “This is a fantastic pledge from Airbnb. To truly end the climate crisis, we need to change how we consume. This donation will be a great boost to the work we are doing in Scotland to help citizens and businesses choose more sustainable ways to live, use the things we need and share resources.”