Google, YouTube and Gmail suffer outages

Outages were reported across Europe with multiple users experiencing connectivity issues.

Google experienced a number of service crippling outages earlier today as users reported issues accessing its products.

Youtube, Google Meet, Gmail and many more have been hit by technological problems according to users and Google’s own status pages.

The issues did not not affect all users with some people still able to effectively access Google’s services.

A notice that reads “we are currently investigating an issue affecting user access to multiple services affecting users in Europe” could be seen earlier on the status pages.

Google’s emailing service, Gmail, was down since 8.30am this morning and thousands of problems are still being reported.

DownDetector shows that up to 2,700 users have communicated problems with server connection and sending emails.

This comes just over a month after Facebook suffered a massive eight hour outage, affecting all its other products and services such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

However, Google has confirmed in a statement to GlasgowWorld that problems have now been sufficiently resolved: “On Friday November 12 around 08:30 am UTC, some of our users experienced a service disruption to Google Cloud services, including Google Workspace.

“This issue is now resolved. For more details, please see our status dashboards for Google Cloud and Google Workspace.”

Frustrated and confused users flooded social media channels earlier today to react to the disruption: