Glasgow’s oldest businesses: The 32 oldest pubs, restaurants, cafes, and shops in Glasgow

These are the oldest shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs in Glasgow - illustrated in pictures and ranked in chronological order

Glasgow has long been on the forefront of Scottish cuisine, hospitality, retail, and general good times for literal centuries - while the supposed capital of Edinburgh has plenty of heritage spots - Glaswegians do it best, producing some of the most-loved and longest standing businesses in the country.

People make Glasgow - the butcher, the baker, even the candlestickmaker - the local characters that run our local shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs are well known in the community, especially the business owners that have set up shop in our city for decades, and in some cases, well over a century!

Whether we’re exploring Glasgow’s booming cafe culture, traditional pubs or anywhere in between, his article aims to celebrate the businesses that made Glasgow, most of which every Glaswegian will have visited at some point in their life.

Whether they’re in the north, southside, east end, west end, or even the city centre - each part of the city has an ancient business that has been a fixture for generations of Glaswegians, wherever they hail from.

Here’s our list of eight of the oldest businesses in Glasgow - ranked in chronological order.