Judy Murray and Sean Batty get on their bikes to support cycling event coming to Glasgow

The cycling event will come to Glasgow next year - with big names like Judy Murray and Sean Batty throwing their hats in the ring to support the new ‘mega event’.

Scotland is set to see its own ‘world class’ sporting event as Tennis coach, Judy Murray and STV weather presenter, Sean Batty, have joined forces to encourage people across the country to sign-up for a ‘first-of-its-kind’ event.

The mother of tennis star Andy Murray and Scottish weather icon Sean Batty got on their bikes to cycle Glasgow’s Kelvin Way to promote the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships as the event’s official volunteer champions.

The touted ‘mega event’ will be held across the country, bringing 13 UCI World Championships into one 11-day long event.

Athletes from all over the world will gather to compete for over 190 rainbow jerseys from August 3 - August 13 in 2023.

This new event is said to be unmatched in size and scale, and with an anticipated global TV audience of 1 billion, could place the UCI Cycling World Championships in the top-10 most watched sporting events in the world - rivalling the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and placing Scotland on the world stage as a destination for elite cycling and cycle tourism.

This new combined event format will take place every four years, one year before the Olympics.

Sean and Judy were joined by track cyclist Jack Carlin, fresh from his silver and bronze medal-winning exploits in Birmingham, to call on the country’s community of volunteers to support the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championship.

Sean is an avid cyclist, who has experienced first-hand many of the routes across the country that will feature within the competition programme.

STV weather presenter and cycling enthusiast Sean Batty said: “I love cycling, I love the sense of freedom and adventure and the ability to explore our beautiful country up close.

“I would encourage everyone to apply today for what will be a truly memorable event. While I can’t guarantee perfect cycling weather conditions, I can assure everyone that Scotland will be ready to put on a show that the whole country will be proud of.”

Judy attributes her newfound love of cycling in improving her mental and physical health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Judy Murray, volunteering activist, tennis coach, and advocate for women in sport, said: “I know how important the volunteering community is across sport – tennis throughout Scotland is underpinned by a dedicated network of coaching volunteers.

“I am passionate about people of all ages getting involved and have seen for myself how vibrant that volunteer community is in this country. Just like the Commonwealth Games and UEFA EURO 2020, people will come from all over the country and beyond, help support a unique event, reunite with old friends and make new friends for life.

“I am so glad that I took up cycling again during the pandemic. As someone who had spent a lifetime with the boys travelling the world on the tennis tour, or doing my own work with my foundation and other projects, I suddenly found I had no outlet during the pandemic until I got back on the bike. It helped my physical health, improved my mental health and allowed me to savour Scotland’s natural beauty again, which you took for granted beforehand.

“I can’t overstate how much it helped me and I encourage anyone, but especially girls and women, mothers and grandmothers, to get involved. I look forward to seeing you there!”

The 2023 UCI Cycling Worlds is looking for more than 4000 volunteers to support the event, taking place in Glasgow and across Scotland in just under a year’s time.

Volunteers make a critical contribution, helping to create similarly treasured experiences of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the multi-sport 2018 European Championships, UEFA EURO 2020 and world-renowned cultural events such as the Edinburgh Festivals.

Glasgow Life is taking on the role of delivery partner for the volunteer programme - to get involved apply here.