The Human League Glasgow: What to expect from live music events with Covid restrictions

With the return of live music, and more restrictions, Beth Franklin went along to her first gig during Covid times and found out how the OVO Hydro manages their events.

This was the first time I’d used a vaccine passport, having panicked and downloaded the app two days before, it was all really straightforward.

There’s a lot of talk about the inconvenience of the passports and restrictions, and if I’m being honest it has put me off big events. That and just general worry for Covid-19 still.

However, it really couldn’t have been easier. You download the app and it takes you on a step-by-step, allowing you to fill in your information and there you have your bar code.

Obviously, there are other issues that stand in the way of the app. So there are alternatives, like taking a negative lateral flow with you. Which I also took, just in case my phone conked out.

After running through Central Station with my friend and a box of noodles, we just missed our train, but this was a blessing in disguise as the next one was really quiet, it felt really safe.

We arrived a little late, and were directed to a vaccine password queue. The line was long but went down very quickly so it didn’t add much to the usual checks you go through at the Hydro.

All the workers, stewards and most concert goers were masked, which was reassuring. A good portion of the guests, and all the Hydro workers kept their masks on for the entirety of the show.

These small touches were assuring and comforting in a full venue, where it was hard to totally social distance.

Human League, supported by Thompson Twins and Altered Images was always guaranteed to bring a great night of music.

They didn’t shy away from the fact that people may not feel as comfortable to be there, as they once may have. Susan Ann Sulley of Human League took a moment in their set to thank everyone for ‘taking the risk’ and coming to dance with them.

Human League playing at OVO Hydro Human League playing at OVO Hydro
Human League playing at OVO Hydro

The staging and lights of The Human League were spectacular, each song felt like it’s own show with something different and new. With it being the 40th anniversary of Dare, they pulled out all the stops.

All of the performers truly hadn’t missed a beat. It really felt good to be there, to dance and sing along to the songs we love together.

Thompson Twins playing to a full crowd at OVO Hydro Thompson Twins playing to a full crowd at OVO Hydro
Thompson Twins playing to a full crowd at OVO Hydro

The atmosphere was amazing from start to finish with everyone dancing, and being having a fab time.

Like many people, I relied on nostalgia to get me through lockdown, turning to comforting films, music and memories.

So having one of my favourite eighties bands, that I would dance around the living room with my mam to, was a perfect first gig back.

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