I was born and raised in Glasgow. Here’s 20 things that tourists always miss about the city

Whether you’re a life-long Glaswegian or a one-time tourist - here’s 20 things you can’t miss out in Glasgow

Glasgow loves tourists - we get a lot of them, and it’s not difficult to see why - but we want them to get the most out of our fair city, and not just waste their time pottering around the city centre.

There’s so much going on in Glasgow for tourists - from visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to tucking into a deep-fried Mars bar - but we want tourists to have the best time they can in the city, and experience authentic Glaswegian culture.

We’re called the frendliest city in Scotland for good reason - the people of Glasgow are some of the most welcoming in Britain, but it’s easy to get caught in the city centre and before they realise it they’re back home, not noticing how different Glasgow is from the rest of the cities in the UK.

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Have a look at our list below showing tourists how to make the most out of their trip to Glasgow and experience the city away from all the tourist traps.