Easter 2022 weather Glasgow: what is forecast for April bank holiday weekend and Easter school holidays?

Spring has finally sprung - but what is the recent weather would suggest otherwise. So, what is forecast for the April bank holiday?

Spring has finally arrived, and with it Glasgow has had some glimpses of nicer weather.

However fleeting the nice weather was the people of Glasgow will still be hopeful for a nice bank holiday weekend.

With rumours of a potential heatwave on the horizon dashed, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for a dry bank holiday weekend.

So, what are the weather experts forecasting for the upcoming April Bank Holiday and Easter half-term?

Here is a full breakdown of the latest weather updates for the bank holiday weekend.

When are  the Easter holidays?

Schools in Glasgow are expected to break up for Easter holidays at 2:30pm on Friday 1 April.

Schools are expected to return on Tuesday 19 April, giving students a two week break from school.

When is the Bank Holiday weekend?

This year Easter Sunday falls on 17 April.

Around Easter there are two bank holidays, with Good Friday on 15 April and Easter Monday on 18 April.

These are the first bank holidays since 3 January.

What is the long range forecast for Strathclyde throughout the Easter holidays?

According to the Met Office the first half of April is likely to be changeable.

Periods of cloud and rain are possible.

Northern parts of the region are expected to see heavier and prolonged rain, particularly those on higher ground.

Unsettled conditions are expected to continue throughout the beginning of the period but more showers forecast. These showers may turn wintry on high ground.

Dry spells are forecast however they will be more short-lived than mid to late March.

Strong winds are expected in the north and west with temperatures mainly near or slightly above average.

As we reach the halfway point of the Easter holidays the period is likely to remain unsettled. Showers may be heavy, with the possibility of thunderstorms and chances of hail.

There is a chance that winds may pick up. Moving towards late April there will be signs of more settled conditions returning, although rain and showers remain possible.

Temperatures are looking to be above average, particularly in southern areas.

What is the forecast for the April Bank Holiday weekend?

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Easter weekend is usually a time for spring weather, and outdoor activities. However, we know this is not always the case.

There have been whispers of a heatwave potentially happening over the Easter bank holidays. Unfortunately, weather experts at Accuweather disagree.

Here is a day by day breakdown of the Easter weekend weather forecast:


Good Friday is forecast to be partly cloudy and mild. In the afternoon people may experience the odd shower of rain. The temperatures are expected to see highs of 18°.

The evening is forecast to hit lows of 7°, with cloudy skies and some evening showers in some areas.


Easter Saturday brings a welcome forecast of sun with periods of clouds, and the possibility of the odd shower throughout. Temperatures will feel warm with highs of 18°.

The night will see the temperature drop with lows of 9°. Throughout the evening there will be low clouds, and some on and off rain.


Easter Sunday will be mostly cloudy with occasional rain and drizzle throughout. Temperatures will feel warm with highs of 19°.

The evening will feel cooler with lows of 6°. The evening will be cloudy with 94% cloud cover.


Bank Holiday Monday is expected to be mostly cloudy, with some showers.

The temperatures are expected to continue to stay fine, with highs of 14°.

The evening will once again feel cold with temperatures dropping to 4°.