COP26: Argyle Street cordoned off with barriers and road blocks

Argyle Street in the west end is closed to traffic as delegates and world leaders attend the COP26 summit.

What’s happening? Argyle Street has been cordoned off with barriers and road blocks, in preparation for world leaders and delegates travelling through the city for COP26.

World leaders are to attend a reception hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum tonight.

The gallery and museum is one of many Glasgow venues that are closed to the public during COP26.

Today, Monday 1 November, part of Dumbarton Road and Argyle Street will be closed to traffic and no vehicles permitted to be parked on the route.

This is likely to cause severe congestion in the area as it is currently one of the alternative routes that people have been using because of the Clydeside Expressway being closed.

Dumbarton Road and Argyle Street from Byres Road to St Vincent Street will be closed from 10am on Monday to 6am on Tuesday.

Kelvin Way is also closed, from Friday, October 29 - Tuesday, November 2, and then Friday, November 5 - Saturday, November 6.

Pedestrian access to Kelvingrove Park will be possible through the Gray Street entrance during the first closure (29 Oct-2 Nov).

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